bubble extras

shameless advertising

You may have noticed that the web 2.0 style button on the top of the page changes randomly every time you refresh the page. They were created to use the web 2.0 design style's vulnerability of being great to place silly advertisements. If you haven't seen all of them, here they are:

now with real fruit juice  now with even more popping action  now with added vitamin c  now even shinier  now web 2.0 edition  oooh, text in a bubble  now with chocolate

creator high scores + stopping global warming

Jay's high score is 403. Aaron's, however, is only 208 as of this being written.

You may also have noticed that after you end the game, you are told how many seconds you wasted. Don't forget that using a computer uses power and power plants contribute to global warming. We've linked to stopglobalwarming.org for you to read and change your unhealthy internet ways.

election 08

You may notice that certain images reveal that there is a rather interesting easter egg in our game. Here's a hint: press a key. I won't tell you which one.